The Road To Perfection

Our strive for perfection is a relentless pursuit for excellence. It starts with an obsession for all things beautiful, cutting edge design, dynamic engineering, and advanced processes that have taken years to formulate.

Time. Attention. Detail. The pathway to perfection

Our Story

Since 1924, Campbell Marson has been synonymous with fine marquetry and wood product design. Our passion for anything wood grows each year, and our vision has always remained the same. To create a better world by bringing warmth and soul to all our products by using natures most beautiful gift. Wood.

We have always maintained the same tradition of excellence, and our hand made luxury glasses are timeless.

Design Insanity

There is no end. There is only a beginning. We dream the unthinkable, let the journey begin, and discover something truly innovative.

‘Moving Serpent’ surpasses anything ever seen in wooden eyewear. Not an accident, or a miracle of nature. Simply the result of obsession, passion, vision, and above all, the dying art of the craftsman’s hand.

About Us

Campbell Marson Eyewear make the finest wooden eyewear in the world. With an experience of almost 100 years old, our luxury wooden eyewear are our work of passion and creativity. Exceptionally engineered,  handmade and designer eyewear using wood - the gift of nature.

The selection of wood species used in our frames spans the globe. We hand select every single piece of wood used in our glasses, from the way the log is cut, to the grain pattern used. While Our design criteria was simple. The wooden glasses had to be exceptionally engineered, ultra lightweight, adjustable and fashionable.