Hand Crafted

Hand Crafted To Perfection

Our handcrafted custom made wooden glasses are unique. They are made especially for you, to your specification and, sometimes even your own design. They will have your footprint on them, as well as the footprint of the cabinet maker and the designer, who together will tailor make your frames to visual and artistic perfection.

Campbell Marson goes to extraordinary lengths to accommodate the vision and interpretation of your requirements, from the selection of some of the rarest wood veneers on earth through to styling fitting and placement of any precious metals and stones.

A custom made wooden frame by Campbell Marson is more than just a pair of glasses. It’s an extention of who you are.  Your eyes are the beating heart of your body and the first point of contact for human interaction. They are the gateway to your soul and personality.

But a hand crafted product is truly timeless, and irrelacebale by technology or robot. The skill of the craftsman is something that inspires all of us at some point in our lives, and will live on forever despite the advances in technology.

Some of our craftsmen have been with us for nearly 20 years, and their skills are unique and in great demand. As technology replaces the skilled workers with machines, it’s important to keep our manual skills alive by hand making and hand finishing, not just in the designer eye wear industry, but in all industries. It takes a huge amount of training to become a cabinet maker, and learn the finer skills of design and hand finishing wooden eye wear

Detail.Time and attention to detail is the pathway to perfection.

Campbell Marson since 1924.