• Where are Campbell Marson glasses made?
    We have our own workshops in London and in Koeszeg, Hungary. All our glasses are designed produced and crafted by our own team of designers, engineers and cabinet makers. It takes a highly skilled dedicated team to produce glasses to Campbell Marson standards. Nothing in our manufacturing is out sourced.

  • What are the frames made of?
    All our frames are made of wood, which are ethically sourced from managed forests around the globe. We offer a huge range of exotic species, some of which are incredibly rare, unique and hard to source. Having been in the wood business for over 90 years we have amassed a huge range of suppliers who are able to deliver the most incredible unusual and exotic woods.
  • Are your frames Environmentally Friendly
    Yes. Wood is the most naturally sustainable product on earth and in fact there are more trees on our planet now than there was 35 years ago. All the lacquers and glues we use in manufacture are non toxic and environmentally friendly.

  • Do you offer custom made wooden frames?
    Yes, due to having our own design and production team we are able to offer custom made glasses to the client specification. For more information on how to order a custom made pair of frames please call us on +44 203034 0343 or email at info@campbellmarson.com

  • Are CM glasses waterproof?
    Yes they are. All of our products are sealed and treated with lacquers which will be water protected and durable in the rain. You can even order our hinge- less swimming range which float in water.

  • Do you install the lenses as well?
    Yes. We do any type of sun lens or prescription lens. All you need is a copy of your glasses prescription. You will also need to calculate your PD.
    If you prefer you can call our technical team on  +44 203034 0343or email info@campbellmarson.com who will guide you through the process

  • Can I have prescription sunglasses?
    Yes you can. This may depend on the frames and the angle of the curve but we can normally do most of them. Please contact us if you’d like to discuss further.

  • How much do your lenses cost?
    Just take a photo of your prescription, email it to us at info@campbellmarson.com and we will give a choice of quotes depending on the lens type.
  • Can you adjust your frames?
    Our frames will hardly ever need adjusting. However you can adjust them yourself very carefully. For more information please see https://www.campbellmarson.com/technical/. This is also a video on glazing should you need to re glaze your frames independently. If you have any other issues please contact us.

  • What prescriptions can your frames take?
    You can fit almost any prescription into our frames although on higher prescriptions we would recommend a high index lens. Technically you will be able to fit up to minus 10 or plus 10.

  • How do I calculate my frame size?
    The size of the frames is on the product detail page. If you have glasses currently you will be able to see these measurements on the inside of the arm. You will see numbers that look like this: 49-16-145. The first measurement is the width of the lenses, the second is the distance between the lenses, and the third is the length of the arm.

  • How do I place an order?
    All our frames can be purchased on line directly from Campbell Marson apart from fully bespoke frames. You will need a more in depth discussion with us. If you call us at + 44 203034 0343or email us on info@campbellmarson, we can also set up a Skype call if we need a face to face discussion.

  • When can I expect my glasses to arrive after placing the order?
    Because we offer such a large range, we don’t keep stock of frames. Your order will be processed immediately and you will be informed at all stages on how the manufacturing process is going. You can usually expect your frames within 5 days working days – 2 working weeks.

  • Do you ship worldwide?
    Yes. We offer free UK and worldwide shipping however we do not cover returns shipping.

  • What is the return policy?
    We will replace any of our frames within 14 days if you are not happy for any reason. They must be returned in the original packaging, brand new. Please see our returns policy


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