Custom & Bespoke

We understand you. We understand you have a vision of the perfect image of you and who you really are and it always begins with the most powerful part of our anatomy. Our face and eyes. It’s our true identity, and encounters in life begin when we engage the human face.
Our eyes are the pathway to our soul, and your glasses are the gate keeper to your personality. We connect with the eyes more often than any other feature of the human body. The eyes engage us and keep our attention, and they deliver our personality within seconds of contact.

Campbell Marson bespoke frames afford you the opportunity of presenting yourself to the world in the most unique and stylish way. With or without drama. There can be no other pair on earth like them. They are for you and a representation of you character..

Ultimately, you can create your own custom shape, in any wood species available on earth, and with a choice of precious metals and logos

Our bespoke service is an extraordinary display of attention to detail and it’s all designed to make you feel just as you should. The real you.

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